Hearings for Bridgegate Announced

In honor of the recent news that there will be new hearings for the New Jersey Bridgegate Scandal scheduled for sometime in February, I thought, what more appropriate subject could there be for this week’s Fabulous Furry Friday, than the National Zoo Highway Gate Scandals of 2014… Remember?

George Washington Bridge lane closure satire.

Princess Pinky Bao Bao…what have you done now?

zoo atlanta, bao bao, national zoo

Time to call in …Inspector panda!

Mei xiang and bao bao try to cover up highway-gate

Inspector Panda is on the job!

"Hello, Bai Yun? this is Lun Lun...about that detective you suggested..."

“Hello, Bai Yun? this is Lun Lun…about that detective you suggested…”

Tune in next Friday to see the conclusion to this exciting story…or, if you can’t wait that long, you can find the whole story in The Panda Chronicles Book 5: Pandapocalypse NOW!

Until we meet again…
Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda

6 thoughts on “Hearings for Bridgegate Announced

  1. Winky Cat

    MOL! Pinky under the tub, turtle-like, had me ROTFL! Homework…Right! She probably got that from big brother Tai’s “Boy’s Hideout” video with him under the tub.

    Cookies ALWAYS need “protective custody”! My GS thin mints are currently hidden in an undisclosed location right now!

    Lun Lun in the last frame…priceless!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Pinky has been filmed hiding under Mr. Tubby, just like her big brother. She never went through the treat window, though. They fixed it after Tai went through there. (See Wold’s Funniest Panna videos)
      While I applaud the wisdom of putting your thin mints in protective custody, it is always good to tell someone where they are in case of….um…emergency. I could be having a cookie emergency right now, in fact.

  2. Winky Cat

    BTW: After the stupid remarks the NJ gov made this week concerning the plight of NJ citizen’s affected by the blizzard, I hope the Bridgegate Scandal is laid right at his feet!


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