Woozppah Again!

Surely you don’t think that now that there is even the faintest hope of Pandas to the Other Washington, that we would ever let this subject drop.


And by the way, while we have had …um…one  (well three, but all by the same person) entry into our #FindAHashtag contest, we are hoping for a more enthusiastic response. Anyone? To refresh your memory, we need a Twitter hashtag for the WOOZPPAH movement, to bring pandas to Seattle. There’s a prize for the winning entry!

Meanwhile, the Eastern states (that already have pandas) are thawing out a bit and visitors are returning to the Pinksonian Zoo to visit Bubba, Pinky, and their parents. Many people hoped that papa bear Tian Tian would do a reprise of his snow fun video, but he turned his back to the crowd of cameras and reporters and …um…had a little snack. Hey! He’s a panda, and he’s a guy panda. Nothing gets between a guy panda and his snack, OKAY?????

Meanwhile, here is the latest from Woozppah!

If only we could have just a couple of pandas....

If only we could have just a couple of pandas….

It will be so much fun to have pandas in Washington State! And if anyone knows how to contact the Washington State Panda Foundation, drop us a comment okay? Panda satire thrives on pandas, you know. And…um…cuppycakes, but that is another matter!

See you later this week for more from WOOZPPAH, and more on Fabulous Furry Friday about the Highwaygate Scandal.

Be the Bear,
Bob T. Panda

12 thoughts on “Woozppah Again!

  1. aske55

    I hope they bring Pandas to Washington too. Living on the peninsula, it would be nice to have a short drive to see the fluffy bears.

    There is a registered agent for the foundation and address: Nonprofit
    Company number 603455535 Ron Chow – Registered Agent Address 6615 Linwood LN SW, LAKEWOOD, WA, 98499

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Thanks for this information! So you are on the Peninsula. Huzzah! Let’s hope we can meet at the panda house at Woodland Park Zoo! Huzzah! Woozppah lives!

        1. Panda in Chief Post author

          That is a great one! I’m compiling a list with all the suggestions. One of the reasons that one is especially funny and appropriate is because of the joke about killer whales (orcas) needing a better PR person, and if they had one, they would be called Sea Pandas.

  2. Gina Koo

    Tian doesn’t like to be the center of attention, so his back-turning snub was justified.
    If I think of a witty hash tag for the WOOZPPAH movement, I’ll be sure to post it.

  3. Chas Belov

    It might help if you provided a reminder as to what WOOZPPAH expandas to. (I’m guessing I’m ineligible as brother to the judge, but it might help inspire others.)

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Thanks for the reminder to do that. I will take care of that in Wednesday’s post. And actually, no one is ineligible to compete (and win!) including you. Life is not fair (as you may already be aware) and you will notice there were no disclaimers about who is and who is not eligible to win, other than people in foreign countries and that’s just because I’m too cheap to send a book to other parts of the world. So send your best suggestions! I want a hashtag with the potential to go viral and get lots of attention for WOOZPPAH!


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