Fabulous Furry Friday presents An Embarrassment of Pandas

I don’t know if it is true or not, but I have read that the collective noun for pandas is an embarrassment of pandas. If it’s not, it definitely should be. I mean have you ever watched them eat? While I work back here behind the scenes to formulate my response to the vile maligning of pandas on Foxxy “News,” I thought I would share some ‘toons of the archives of…um…Pandas Being Embarrassed!

I don’t know if this link will actually work or not, but here is Stephen Colbert taking about this segment on Foxxy “News”

First on the list, of course, since it is time for our annual salute to the Nixon Pandas, is this one:

I am only making some of this up.

Thanks guys! No, really.

The secret lives of the wild panda!


You better watch out….


panda on rocking horse

I am such a dork.

Do we have to count panda adoption fees?

Be the (Em)Bear(assed) Panda
Bob T Panda


2 thoughts on “Fabulous Furry Friday presents An Embarrassment of Pandas

  1. MaryLou

    Good morning … and thank you Anne!! Exactly what I needed today … not just because it’s Friday the 13th or anything like that … well maybe just alittle … TeHeHe
    Thanx again for being your insightful & talented (Wu) self for us!!!!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Your welcome. I can’t think of any folks I’d rather spend the downfall of democracy with than my panda peeps.
      Courage, Mon ami!


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