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Oh Where Has My Little Bun Gone?

Oh where, of where has my little bun gone, oh where, oh where can he be? The disappearance of Mr. Bun is such big news that it is the lead story on today’s episode of ZooNooZ! This has all the hallmarks of an international incident of crisis proportions! Will the Toronto Twinkies send Mr. Bun Home? Maybe, but not just yet, I don’t think.

Is that a ransom note I see?

Is that a ransom note I see?

And the demand is that Pinky be nice to Bubba????? Hmmm…this seems kind of suspicious if you ask me. I’m afraid there could be political concussions ahead!

And on a completely unrelated note, This video may replace pandas on a slide as my new favorite panda video! Just part of the Putting Pandas to work program! Nothing here to see…let’s move along, please.

Wednesday’s ‘toon will have more from the missing Mr. Bun controversy and then Mittens the Cat makes his reappearance next week. Be very afraid. This cat is not qualified to hold office!

Be the Bear

Bob T Panda

Attention Must be Paid

If Pinky is to survive until the election, attention must be paid to Mommee, because I think her patience has come to an end. Actually, I think all patience went out the window, several episodes ago, but Pinky just does not know when to give it a rest. Meanwhile, Bubba is having way too much fun with some cubbies closer to his own age, and Pinky is rethinking having such young minions. These Canadian minions are not falling in to line like the triplets did. It must be a result of having such a panda permissive head of government, who has been known to bounce little panda cubbies on his knees. I bet he reads bedtime stories to the twins too. Do you suppose he babysits when Er Shun and Da Mao want to have date night?

Bubba is having so much fun with his new friends!

Bubba is having so much fun with his new friends! These minions are not up to Pinky’s standards!

So, not that I’m complaining or anything, I have noticed, that when Pinky is behaving badly, there are far more views on the blog than when all the pandas are behaving themselves nicely. Just an observation, mind you, not a criticism or cause for concern. Perhaps people …er… pandas other than myself wish to unleash their inner cubby and join the bears behaving badly.

In honor of Mother’s day (and particularly Mei Xiang, long suffering mother of Pinky) I wanted to share with you Vicky Vladic’s post on panda moms (along with a very yummy sounding recipe) over at V Something Speaks. Enjoy!

There is more to come later this week on the ongoing international panda crisis. Stay tuned!

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Bob T Panda

The Jig Is Up

I have just returned from a fact finding mission to Pinky’s Campaign Headquarters, where I took high level meetings with various panda dignitaries from around the country. Okay, from a short drive to Washington DC. Despite Pinky’s protestations that her yard is so big, she could get lost and wind up in Canada, I did not see any evidence that this could be possible. There may be some sort of secret passage way, but frankly, my dear, I think the jig is up. Now hand over those panda cubs or there will be trouble.

What do you mean you left a note saying they are at my house?

What do you mean you left a note saying they are at my house?

Several attendees at the gala panda lunch had gone on a fact finding mission to the actual home of the Toronto Twinkies and they said that they saw the twins there, but with the amount of time little panda cubbies sleep, they could easily have been strategically placed stuffed pandas. I’m talking to you, Cami and Frances! Did you actually see them move, or was one of the keepers just jiggling the panda stuffies with a stick, so that no one would know the real cubbies were gone?

Enquiring minds want to know!!!!!

Meanwhile, is Bubba going to have to pay for his increasing cheekiness to his big sister? He is walking on thin ice if you want my opinion. You really don’t want to make Pinky mad!

There will be more from my panda tourism experience on Friday! Till then…

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Bob T Panda

Pinky Returns from Canada

Was there ever a panda like Pinky, in all the history of panda-dom? So completely convinced of her rightness of her purpose? What could her mother be thinking as Pinky returns from Canada? She may be thinking, Why couldn’t I have a well behaved little panda, who just wanted to be a panda, and settle down, and have some little pandas of her own. But no…I had to have a panda cub who wants to be president…sigh….

uh oh...

uh oh…

And do we see a new boldness in Bubba’s attitude towards his sister? be careful, Bubba. Be very careful! You really don’t want to make Pinky mad.

Remember, you can find collections of cartoons about Pinky (and a couple other pandas) on the book page of this website! Check ’em out and collect the whole set!

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Bob T Panda

How Did You Get This Number?

Poor Mei Xiang…when the phone rings, it is bound to be trouble, and it is bound to be about Pinky. She thought that only the Zoo Director and the President had this phone number, so well she might wonder, how did you get this number?

Meanwhile, back at the actual National Zoo, Pinky’s brother Bubba is going about the business of learning to be a panda, under the expert tutelage of his mother, who is also a panda. But what about Pinky? well….

"If Pinky is grounded, can I have her dessert?"

“If Pinky is grounded, can I have her dessert?”

I think you will be all as pleased as I am to see that Bubba is beginning to understand his sister a bit better, it should help him to resist her involving him in her schemes. Maybe. We’ll see, won’t we?

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Our Neighbors to the North

Well! Pinky is heating up the campaign by paying a little visit to our neighbors to the north and I am just guessing here, but I think her mother is going to be a little peeved, to say the least. It does spark a memory I have about taking off with a friend, on graduation from college. I bought a car, then got my drivers license (in that order) and headed for a month long trip to Canada. It did not end badly, as I fear this trip of Pinky’s might.

So let’s get this story going, because Pinky is a bit short on minions, ever since the triplets left her to pursue a film career in Kung Fu Panda 3.

Pinky and the Twinkies, eh?

Pinky and the Twinkies, eh?

Of course Canada is pro-panda, as we have seen from photographs of the twins and “Unka Justin”. All I can say is international incident!

A quick note, Pandas International is having their Spring Auction right now, and I have donated one of the signed reproductions from Pandamorphosis to help support their work with pandas. So, if you were thinking you would like to support Pandas international AND get some of the art from Pandamorphosis, this is a win win for everyone! Because remember, without pandas, there could be no panda satire! Here’s the link!

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The Toronto Panda Twins Endorse…

Rumors are flying around the headquarters of The Institute for Contemporary Panda Satire! Will Bob T concede the election? Does Princess Pinky have something up her sleeve? Will Bubba ever get Pinky to quit calling him “Boo Boo”? But the big news is that the Toronto Panda Twins are making their public debut on March 12! And they have made their decision as to whom to support in their neighbor nation to the south’s race to the top…

Be the bear, eh?

Be the bear, eh?

I don’t know why they don’t want to support a mature panda with lots of experience…um…doing stuff, but there you have it. If you planning on visiting the Toronto Twinkies, please send pictures to us here. and maybe you could give them a Why Not Vote 4 Bob flag. Just saying.

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