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What if we wished …

What if we wished on the moon…do you think it might happen then? In Pandamorphosis, the cat wishes on the moon that she would be loved as much as the pandas were. It didn’t quite turn out the way she planned, now did it?

So, if Lun Lun wished that her girls would always be as sweet as they are now…


Would it be such a bad thing?

Well, it COULD happen like that.

Panda On
Bob T Panda

What could it hurt?

Day 7: 31 Days of Pandas

Pandas were um…demanding a little closure of the Winnie the Pooh in Poland story, so what could we do, but comply?

I'm not sure Mehitabel has anything to talk about.

I’m not sure Mehitabel has anything to talk about.

Speaking of Mehitabel, she has been using my computer again when I wasn’t home, and trying to lead Cordelia’s Mom’s dog Cody astray. What am I going to do with this cat? You can read all about it here.

And since it is 31 Days of Pandas, I would be remiss if I didn’t post a little something with pandas here. Here’s another image from my book, Pandamorphosis:

sm pandamorphosis poster 4

Coincidentally, you can find this image on a beautiful panda print at The Fine Balance Imaging Gratitude Gallery.

Be the bear, and see you tomorrow!
Bob T. Panda


Day 2: PandaWriMo and Giving Tuesday

… from Inspector Panda!

Today has been decreed Giving Tuesday (really, who comes up with these names for things?) and putting my curmudgeonly leanings aside, I’m pretty sure that it is always better to give than receive (really?) especially when you are giving to pandas! With this in mind, I am donating $1 to Pandas International  for each copy of the Panda Chronicles series books and Pandamorphosis that sell today, December 2nd, 2014.  It’s a great excuse to stock up on any of the Panda Chronicles books you might not have yet and buy them as presents for all your friends and relations! I appreciate your support and so do the pandas.

After all, without pandas, there could be no panda satire.

And now, we continue with…

The Case of the Picturesque Panda!

This case is not what it seems....

This case is not what it seems….

And for those of you who are looking for something really special for the panda lover in your life, prints from Pandamorphosis are now available through The Gratitude Gallery of Fine Balance Imaging on beyootiful Whidbey Island! Who could resist these pandas?

Who could resist pandas in the refrigerator?

Who could resist pandas in the refrigerator?

16 images in a variety of sizes are available! Check them out today!

See you tomorrow, and thanks for being generous bears! If Pandas International is not your cup of Boo Tea, think about who that might be, and give what you can, whether it’s your dollars, your time, or your kindness. The world needs lots more of the latter two.

Bob T. Panda


I think Cake cures all cares and catastrophes. Clearly, a common misconception, is that cake is a curse. Of course, this is mere carping by crotchety curmudgeons. Cake cures all complications and crises,  Let them eat cake is cause for celebration, not condemnation! Especially if there is chocolate cream frosting.

Today is brought to you by the letter “C” which coincidentally, is the first letter of Cordelia Calls it Quits and Cordelia’s Mom, Still, where the panda kindergarten will be making visits later this month! Hide the silver and the cuppycakes before we get there, okay?

One panda's disaster is another panda's delight!

One panda’s catastrophe is another panda’s celebration!

Apologies that there was not a new midweek cartoon this week.  Pandamorphosis launch duties have kept me occupied for far too many hours, but the end is in sight, and there should be a new cartoon on Sunday. Rumor has it that Princess Pinky and the Cublanta twins have a plan to join forces, at least temporarily.  Can you say, ROAD TRIP!!!!!???

And here is one of my favorite drawings from the soon to be released Pandamorphosis….

pandamorphosis illustration

Don’t you just hate it when your refrigerator is infested by…pandas?

Thank you again A to Zers!  Listing my pick of the day here.

Be the bear!
Bob T. Panda


I think I’ll dress up in a Panda suit…..

Everyone would be a panda if they could!

There is a series of photos making the rounds and several alert panda fans have sent it to us here at Way Better Than Working enterprises.  It shows a pandologist dressed up as a panda, holding a toddler panda. How cute is THAT????? Keep those cards and letters (and emails) coming!  We can never get enough news about my panda cousins!   Mehitabel is a bit reluctant to get in touch with her “pandish” side, for some strange reason.  After all, you should never say no to a panda.

we are still very excited to have figured out how to get these posts onto my in-your-facebook page.  One small step for bears, one giant leap for pandas!

Be the Bear!