Day 7: 31 Days of Pandas

Pandas were um…demanding a little closure of the Winnie the Pooh in Poland story, so what could we do, but comply?

I'm not sure Mehitabel has anything to talk about.

I’m not sure Mehitabel has anything to talk about.

Speaking of Mehitabel, she has been using my computer again when I wasn’t home, and trying to lead Cordelia’s Mom’s dog Cody astray. What am I going to do with this cat? You can read all about it here.

And since it is 31 Days of Pandas, I would be remiss if I didn’t post a little something with pandas here. Here’s another image from my book, Pandamorphosis:

sm pandamorphosis poster 4

Coincidentally, you can find this image on a beautiful panda print at The Fine Balance Imaging Gratitude Gallery.

Be the bear, and see you tomorrow!
Bob T. Panda


11 thoughts on “Day 7: 31 Days of Pandas

  1. cgw629

    My Inner Panda thinks this is the cleverest The Panda Chronicles/Your Brain on Pandas I have ever read. Just top-notch amazing. Bob T. you are my hero.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Mehitabel congratulates you for your discerning reading of her feline greatness. Glad you enjoyed it. I just love news stories like this. They give such scope to the imagination!

      1. Vicky V

        Nothing insulting Mehitabel!!
        I was merely pointing out that even tigers – lesser cats because we know you and yours are superior – are awesome too.

        1. Panda in Chief Post author

          “Yes we are, we cats ARE superior beings!,” says Mehitabel. “I’m so glad you recognize that.”

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      As well she should be, according to Mehitabel. If it ever gets out that she helped a dog with something, there will be no end of teasing down at the Kit-Kat Bar and Grill, where she likes to hang out after a hard day of keeping the panda kindergarten in line.

      Really she enjoyed it, though she would never let Cody know that. Now, if we can just keep them off of the computer so they don’t get into more trubble. I think she is plotting something else, as I have seen her making furtive scratches at something, which she then covers up when I enter the room.

      1. cordeliasmom2012

        Well, since I’m not home during the day (still gotta work that darn day job), and I don’t lock the computer, I’ll just have to trust Cody to be a good dog. Mehitabel really shouldn’t be corrupting sweet, innocent puppies anyway. Let the posts fall where they may.


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