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September Ramblings

While the panda birthday season continues (Yang Yang of Zoo Atlanta just had his birthday this week) we have finished with the major birthdays in The Panda Chronicles personalities, so that leaves me with a round up of ‘toons from Septembers!

But never fear! October is just around the corner and we will have our annual broadcasts of The Wizard of Wu and A Halloween Carol, two of my favorite stories!

So sit back, and enjoy while I rummage around in the past September ‘toons from the archives!

Do we have to count panda adoption fees?
Our lack of taste is only exceeded by our sense of the absurd.
Varooooooomba! Thanks to Lynnie Ness for alerting us to the “off label” use of the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner.
Pinky needs stuff and she needs it now!
We’re waiting…*tappity tap pity tap*

We’ll be back with new ‘toons on Tuesday!

BTW: I’m taking orders for halloween felty pandas, so if you would like to add to your themed holiday pandas, now is the time! Order by September 30th for arrival in October!

Order dates through September 30th for Halloween delivery

Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda

How many pandas are there? Let me count the bears….

In a recent post by Henry Nicholls, author of The Way of the Panda, he talked about the upcoming panda census.  The various methods for counting wild pandas are fairly, well, quite frankly, some of them are just gross.  We at the Institute for Contemporary Panda Satire feel we have a better idea.  Just mail out the forms to the pandas and let them fill them out.  Don’t have their addresses?  Just leave them where pandas are sure to find them.

Ok, well, maybe not.

We thought it would be a good idea to re-run a quiz we gave last year in honor of the panda census.  Find out right now how far your panda obsession has gone!

Please answer the questions as honestly as possible as this will go on your permanent record.

1. How many stuffed pandas do you now own?

a) Oh, just a couple.

b) You can still see parts of my bed

c) None of your business

2. What percentage of your friends are now sending you pictures of pandas, panda cards or emails with pictures of the earthquake pandas?

a) 10%

b) 25%

c)I have no friends anymore, except for pandas, which all love me.

3.  What portion of your time do you spend thinking about pandas?

a) Just when I have my coffee in the morning.

b) Only when I’m awake.

c) What else could I possibly want to think about?

3.  Do you feel that your obssession with pandas is interfering with your daily life and ability to earn a living?

a) No, no, it’s no problem. Just talk amongst yourselves, while I look at pictures of earthquake pandas.

b) None of your business.

c) No, the cardboard box that I now live in is quite comfortable and I’ve drawn pictures of pandas all over the inside.

Hope this little quiz has been instructive!

Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda