An Embarrassment Of Pandas

Recently, it was brought to my attention, that the collective noun for a group of pandas is an embarrassment of pandas. I find this highly suspect, not to mention somewhat demeaning to pandas. Is this a ploy by certain political factions to imply that pandas are not fit for office? The Hmmmph! factor for this little piece of so called news is extremely high. What’s so embarrassing about being a panda, I’d like to know! well, yes, we are kind of messy eaters, and not much to brag about in the romance department, but we are awfully cute, don’t you think?

Meanwhile happy happy happy news from Belgium yesterday, where Hao Hao and Xing Hui are the proud parents of a bouncing baby cub! Fingers and paws are being crossed that the little pink bundle of joy survives its first days and weeks. Panda cubs weigh about four ounces at birth and have no fur!

So to celebrate this blessed event in Belgium, I thought I would share some ‘toons about….baby pandas! Huzzah! Let’s start with my first baby panda, the ineffable Wu Self!

"Howdy do! I'm Mr. Wu! Who are you?"

“Howdy do! I’m Mr. Wu! Who are you?”

"Wu calls his dance, 'Ode to a Weaf' "

“Wu calls his dance, ‘Ode to a Weaf’ “

Moving on, we have the early days of her pink (but slightly dangerous) self, Princess Pinky!

Pinky tests her powers....

Pinky tests her powers….

And who could forget the early days of Meihem?

The first appearance of the Meihems!

The first appearance of the Meihems!

And how happy we were when Bubba arrived in DC…

These paws are made for walking....eventually.

These paws are made for walking….eventually.

Feed me, Mama!

Feed me, Mama!

Don’t forget to tune in Sunday when we continue with our coverage of the Mr. Bun Disappearance!

Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda


10 thoughts on “An Embarrassment Of Pandas

  1. Gina Koo

    Whoever came up with the term “embarrassment” to describe a group of pandas should get a good spanking. That person must not be a panda lover. Can we petition to have it changed?
    Thanks for the walk down panda cubby memory lane!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I am in total agreement over the “embarrassment” thingie. I mean, what? Were they smoking wacky tobbaccy in the back room and thought it would be really funny to dis pandas this way?
      Glad you liked the cubbie encore presentation. The Wu self makes my heart sing, especially as a baby. And Mei must be kicking herself for encouraging Pinky’s “tendencies” at such an early age. I bet she has “forgotten” all about this. (or at least says she does.) I think she only has herself to blame.

  2. Vicky V

    They could be using embarrassment as meaning abundance – like an “embarrassment of riches.” And pandas are an abundance of cuteness and so many other things 🙂
    My brain hurts – I think I need more frosting!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I like that idea! I would also like some frosting. They are indeed abundantly cute!

  3. 1rlcDavid McCreary

    I believe that there are way to few pandas. They are the ideal bear. No hibernation, Non aggressive. Their color is black and white, no in between. They are vegetarian, no, vegan. They live in the mountains. They aren’t social so don’t engage in politics. I want one..

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Everyone wants a panda. Join the club.
      Technically speaking, they are carnivores, but they have adapted to live with bamboo as their primary food.


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