31 Days of Pandas: Day 22/ August Year in Review

Here we are, reliving the dog days of August. Not that we really have those in the north woods that the pandy kindy and I call home. August is the most perfect month of the year in western WA. The days are still long, warm, and sunny, the nights are cool, but not too cold. This is what the fuss is all about.

And speaking of fuss…

Oh, boys!!!

Zhennie's wild adventure

All’s well that ends well!

And now, for a most appropriate game show, what with all that is happening in the OTHER Washington!

Just how crazy do we think it’s going to get?

Next to Mittens, we all look pretty normal, don’t we?

Panda like it’s 1999!
Bob T Panda

4 thoughts on “31 Days of Pandas: Day 22/ August Year in Review

  1. Aimee J Williams

    Sadly normal people don’t run this country. And if one points that out they get kicked off of social media. Walt Kelly was right on every level. When did pathological narcissism become the preferred way to be? I’m so glad I can still access “the Panda Chronicles’.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      It is a very sad situation, and one that gets scarier every day. My current bout of lack of electricity at my house gives me a small glimpse of what armageddon will look like. I fear I shall not do well. Now with Mattis’s resignation and being kicked out well before he proposed to exit, I fear it is going to get a lot worse.
      It has been too long since the days of the ’68 riots at the Democratic National Convention, the Kent State shootings and the assassinations of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, to remember what it felt like back then. I know it was awful, as were the events leading up to Nixon’s resignation, so I can no longer tell if this is different, more worse. Maybe I was not aware enough of all the terrible possibilities back then, but somehow this feels much closer to an apocalypse.
      I’m sorry my advice to get back on Twitter was wrong. I hope they let you back on soon. We miss you.

  2. Lora Schweikert

    I do believe Miss Pinky hit the nail on the head! “Facist dictator with pathological narcissism” is spot on correct! She WINS the game and didn’t even need to hear the first question!!


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