31 days of Pandas: Day 21: Year in Review/ July

Oh my, where has the year gone? Here we are, up to July already, and more than 2/3 of the way through 31 Days of Pandas!

Let’s get right to it! Time, Pandas, and Indictments wait for no man/woman/panda

This month, we learned what Bebe Maurice wanted to be!

Of COURSE he would be an artist!

We are pandas of mystery!

What grace! What form! Bebe Maurice is a painter to be reckoned with!

Of course, Bebe Maurice’s great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandmaman was none other than Mei Mei, who became known as Minette, or the mysterious Madame ‘P’

Portait of the mysterious “Madame ‘P’ “

In July, we also started the story of Zhen Zhen’s walk on the wild side!

Zhen Zhen

Adventures in Pandyland!

Panding On
Bob T Panda

2 thoughts on “31 days of Pandas: Day 21: Year in Review/ July

  1. billieandhersite

    Thank you for the BeBe Maurice redux when he decides to be the greatest artiste! He is so adorable. I watched a video of BeBe and his Maman. He plays rough, but his Mama can handle him. She has not quite used Mei Xiang’s way of handling Bao Bao, but Maman was close. Mei would stretch herself over Bao Bao so she could not move! Bebe’s momma almost did the same thing! Love Bebe in his artiste outfit as well as his Pinky in Wonderland knave outfit!
    What a strange time in which we live!
    Thank you again for your delightful ‘toons. Love that you are working with young people teaching them to do cartoons. I hope it went well.
    The Chief Idiot has just lost the last person who has some sense—Mattis. I was upset when McMaster left because McMaster got rid of some crazies who were on the National Security
    Council. And they were crazy.
    Hope this finds you well and thriving!
    Love being in your toon world! And the real world.
    By the way, I thought bears did eat a certain judge who likes beer! Poetic license?
    Have you seen the hair/toupee/spray on Stephen Miller’s head?
    Paul Ryan’s Farewell Lament—that he did not get to reform entitlements(read destroy).
    Go, Ruth Bader Ginsberg! I want to be as tough as she is!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      We should all be as tough as RGB.
      I am so annoyed that Paul Ryan’s parting “gift” to the country was a government shutdown. He should get nothing but coal in his stocking!
      Here’s to hoping we can keep our sanity through this, that the idiot in chief does not start a war or get us all killed.
      Thanks for following the pandas. They will always lead us to a better place.


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