The UnBEARable Cuteness of Pookies

I know I tend to re-use names. For the first couple years of my descent in to Pandaholism, all my panda stuffies were named “Bob”. We will try to differentiate between the Seattle Pookies, and Bikkie’s friend from Alaska, Pookie.

I’m sure we’ll manage!

And while I really hate leaving the island to go into civilization, I am determined to shepherd the Pookies at The Woodland Park Zoo through their cubbyhood! I know I should not bring this up, but we could be looking at a temporarily (we hope it’s just temporary) panda-less existence here in the US. Memphis’s pandas leave near the end of this year, and the Pandalanta Pandas and the DC pandas contracts are running out. There is still no word on whether pandas will return to SanDiego. The pandemic put a definite crimp in the budgets of the zoos and the US is not getting along particularly well with China.

We are going to have to fall in love with some different sorts of bears.

The Pookies just might be able to be the bears…

Panda On!
Bob T a bear by any other name Panda

6 thoughts on “The UnBEARable Cuteness of Pookies

  1. Ann Feldman

    Good to hear from you! I’m sure at some point we will again have pandas, but I do think that they are better off in their home habitat. I hope covid does not go too crazy in China.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I hope covid does not go crazy there too. Unfortunately it’s not done being crazy here either.
      Take care!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      We have had the occasional koala visitor to the pages of The Panda Chronicles, but we must point out, that they are NOT bears! Many years ago, when I first moved to Seattle, we had some visiting koalas from San Diego Zoo at Woodland Park Zoo. I never forget one of the signs, as you approached the koala are: “Don’t Call Us Bears!” I kept that in my back pocket, so to speak, for decades until I had chance to use it. I think some of the koala feistiness rubbed off on the red pandas.
      I’m sure Kevin Koala will be back for another visit on ZooNooZ


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