The NSA Has Nothing on Pinky!

Remember when we were all freaked out about the news that the NSA was monitoring our phone calls and internet communications? Yeah…those seem like the good times now! Sad! But as Bubba is soon to find out, that the NSA is a piker when compared to the surveillance capabilities of Princess Pinky! And now she has gone undercover off camera as she has her crew of decorators comes in to give her quarters in Dujiangyan a little updating and sprucing up.

So she says!

There is no telling what Pinky is getting up to and no one knows that better than her adorable and easily manipulated little brother, Bubba. As I was drawing the next ‘toon, I realized that they are inspired, in large part, by none other than Lucy and Linus Van pelt, of Peanuts fame! Am I wrong? But in the meantime, remember….

Pinky knows where you live!!!!


Did you want to rephrase that last statement?

BTW, I have been given permission to post this notice about next years Panda Convention in PanDiego California! Final details are still be worked out as to pricing, but we wanted you to have the opportunity to save the date just in case you might could be in the vicinity of the Pandiego Zoo in early March of 2018!

See Mr. Wu!
Talk about pandas!
Hang out with other panda loving folks!
Rumor has it, Bob T Will be there!

Panda On
Bob T Panda

4 thoughts on “The NSA Has Nothing on Pinky!

  1. inconstantmoonblog

    Oh Bob T.–how right you are! The NSA has nothing on Pinky!

    In Donna Brazile’s new book “Hacked,” she was briefed by the FBI that hackers distract us with things that are hard to resist….like panda videos (p.120).

    That’s how our Princess got into your computer and “Pinky-ed” your emails!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I knew it had to be something like that! she is always getting into my computer and messing with stuff.

  2. Gina Koo

    Pinky probably spies in on the NSA, as opposed to the other way around.
    Poor Bubba and his wildly-spinning beanie propeller. I wish I could give him a hug for enduring that fright.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I would not put it past Pinky to have hacked in to the NSA data base. Talk about knowing who is naughty and who is nice!


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