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It’s Almost Time for…

We are in the tail end of September (How the heck did THAT happen????) which means that it’s almost October, and you know what that means! It’s almost time for our annual rebroadcast of The Wizard of Wu!!! Once upon a time, a long looooong time ago (when there were only 3 major networks to choose from!!!!) The Wizard of Oz was rebroadcast every year right around Halloween.

This was so long ago, that when I first started watching this movie, we only had a black and white TV, so even when they got to Oz, it was still all in black and white. Eventually we got a color TV and I was so excited to watch the annual encore presentation of The Wizard of Oz, because IT WAS GOING TO BE IN LIVING COLOR!!!! Imagine my surprise, when the first and last part WERE STILL IN BLACK AND WHITE!?!?!?!?!?!?!

WHAT THE ACTUAL F**K!!!!!!?????

I guess only Oz gets to be in color. Any of you who live in Kansas…is it still that way?

No matter…we just need to kill a little time until next Sunday when The Wizard of Wu will come to you in several parts, followed by A Halloween Carol (starring PINKY!!!!)

Let’s see what comes up from the archive wayback machine for today!

Will Bob ever learn NOT to turn his back on the panda kindergarten? No, we didn’t think so, either.
I have extra frosting!
another cartoon inspired by real news!
Thanks again to Henry Nicholls for alerting me to this story
inspector panda and cuppycake pushers
Inspector Panda says, “Know the signs of cuppycake dependency”
Legalize cake today! Prevent illicit cuppycake activities.
yoga for pandas
All salute the sacred cuppycake!

A quick note about Fezbook: as you all know, on Fezbook, I am Bob T Panda, a claim I can not actually substantiate with any actual documentation. Should the powers that be ever find me out, or if I lose my account to some foul hacker, I will not be able to get my account back without revealing my true identity. I do not want to do this, since the powers that be have proved themselves to be soulless cretins who sell our private data to the highest bidder and allow actual trumpsters and fascists to spread misinformation and hateful rhetoric. If I should lose my account, I will not go back. You can always find me here or over on Twidder @pandachronicle

Stay tuned and have some frosting!

Be the Bear,
Bob T Panda

Yoga for Pandas

OK, I guess I must bestow yet another Roll of Honor award, this time on my favorite yoga instructor in the whole world (and I have been through more than 1 or 2).  I mentioned last week that I had, of my own free will, mind you, completed 21 sun salutes (on the same day, not just in one month) as per her usual practice of having us do this when class falls on a solstice or equinox.  When I told her this she said, “I just had a vision of a panda doing the sun salute.”  Of course what a panda would salute is not, perhaps, the sun, but something that is more near and dear to a panda’s (well, this panda, anyway) heart.  Congratulations Amanda! (of Whidbey Island Yoga)  You are now on the Roll of Honor!  (certificate and cartoon arriving at class this Sunday!)  (OK, the other thing that gets her on the Roll of Honor is that she indulges me in my obsession with my favorite spot, and doesn’t mind when I make unsuspecting newcomers to the class move if they get there before me.)

All salute the sacred cuppycake!


Be the Bear!  Embrace the Cuppycake!

Bob T. Panda