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You Knew This Was Coming, Didn’t You?

Well, heh heh! Surely you didn’t think Pinky could have an adventure without there being…um…repercussions, did you? And this time, Bubba can’t claim that it was all Pinky’s idea, since he and Ping Ping went off to Toronto to say goodbye to his friends Yip and Jip all on his own. The only true innocent here is Ping Ping.

You’re all grounded!

Well, she DID bring it back, and really, it should have been hers anyway.

Meanwhile in Pinky and Bubba’s home city, chaos proceeds apace, as the departures from the administration ramps up to unprecedented levels. Buckle your seatbelts, panda fans. The ride is going to be bumpier than we ever imagined possible! But hey! Great employment statistics …for lawyers!

The Pandas have arrived in Calgary (for real!) and they have begun to meet their public! stay tuned for more from Canada’s sweethearts, Yip and Jip!

Panda On!
Bob T Panda

WE now return to our story…

Yes, we have returned to our story of Bubba and Ping’s visit to the Canadian twins, before they moved across the country from Toronto to Calgary. I’m sorry I interrupted it (several times) but stuff happened that I wanted to do ‘toons about sooner rather than later, and so there you have it.

But why can’t you just do extra days of ‘toons to keep up with all the stories?, you might say. And to you I would say….

Even a bear has to sleep sometimes!

So now, on with our story!

So THAT’S how Pinky got there so quickly!

Panda On!
Bob T Panda!

The long, long, LONG Goodbye

So, you remember that story I started telling you about Bubba and Ping going off to say goodbye to Yip and Jip, just before they went off and moved to Calgary, and then some other stuff happened, like the Panda Olympics and Chinese New Years, and I started telling you some other stories? Well, think of it as kind of a long goodbye from Bubba to his good friends to the north, Jip and Yip.

To remind you of where we left them…

Packing is such a chore! And a surprise visit from a friend can make it go so much faster!

So, now that you remember where we left everyone…

long goodbye

The Long Goodbye, or “Toronto Farewell”

Stay tuned for more of our story on Sunday! And don’t forget Fabulous Furry Friday, coming to you on…um…now what day was that again?

Panda on
Bob T Panda