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Pinky in Wonderland: Episode 13

What’s a little red paint among sisters?

We’re painting the roses a really, really dark shade of PINK!!!!

Time to go off to find Mr. Bun!

We’ll be taking another station break from Pinky In Wonderland, because we have some breaking stories, but have no fear! Pinky in Wonderland will return (as soon as …um…I finish reading the source material!)

And a very happy birthday to our beloved Boo Boo!

our story

Mommee pandas have laser vision. Don’t even think you can hide, Bubba.

Panda On!
Bob T Panda

WE now return to our story…

Yes, we have returned to our story of Bubba and Ping’s visit to the Canadian twins, before they moved across the country from Toronto to Calgary. I’m sorry I interrupted it (several times) but stuff happened that I wanted to do ‘toons about sooner rather than later, and so there you have it.

But why can’t you just do extra days of ‘toons to keep up with all the stories?, you might say. And to you I would say….

Even a bear has to sleep sometimes!

So now, on with our story!

So THAT’S how Pinky got there so quickly!

Panda On!
Bob T Panda!