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Fabulous Furry FriBei the 13th

From now on, Fabulous Furry Friday will be known as Fabulous Furry FriBei, in honor of our favorite DC Panda boy, Bei Bei, known to his Panda Chronicle Fans as Bubba!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, an alert Twidder friend posted this news about three suspected rhino poachers being…wait for it…eaten by lions! The original story I saw was by The New York Post, which is sometimes…um… of questionable veracity, but when I searched for the story this morning, I found citations by the NY Times and the BBC, among others, so, I’m going with it! Of course, that brings to mind this group of ‘toons chronicling another instance of animals taking matter into their own paws.

Karma is such a bitch!


What goes around, comes around.


You just can’t trust crocodiles.

Memorial day

Don’t be endangered, be dangerous

And our favorite…Whatever Happened to KittySue?


Want to know how KittySue “disappeared? Buy my book The Pinky Defense and find out! Buy the rest of them while your at it! Paper doesn’t grow on trees, you know! 😀

We are heading in to American Panda birthday season! Stay tuned to celebrate all our junior pandas!

While we are on the topic of making the world safer for animals, we also must bid a not so fond farewell to Scott Pruitt, former “head” of the EPA (Eradication of Population Agency) as his petty (and not so petty) alleged thievery got to be too embarrassing for #45 in the run up to the 2018 elections. Never fear, because you know who wants to nominate an actual coal industry lobbyist to the post. It’s not like we thought things were going to get better, right?

Bob T Panda