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Day 24: 31 Days of Pandas celebrates Christmas Eve

Have yourself a pandy little Christmas…. Note baby Pinky riding with Santa!

Well, I know what one of my wishes is! How about you?

All I Want for Christmas…

31 days

Who didn’t have a sibling like Pinky?

Speaking of Pinky, I have a large number of photos of pandas that I use for my changing desktop display, and a series of them showing this week are of baby Pinky! One of my more skeptical friends says, how can you tell? Pandas  all look alike! But Pinky had a way about her from a very young age. It is a look that says, “wook at dat paw! dat is da mos’ bootiful paw dat ebber was!” She was a star and a cover girl from such an early age!

Never say “No” to a Pinky!

I love that one!

Bao Bao is unhappy

It is! it IS all about Pinky!

Keep Being the Bear!
Bob T Panda

And don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for a BRAND NEW holiday ‘toon!  Huzzah!