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And now from our bears on the spot at the Winter Olympics

Wow, It has been wild around here this week.  We are having a great response Pandamorphosis has been getting over at Kickstarter, and then all day yesterday, I thought the power was going to go out, because there was so much wind and rain.

But the show must go on, as they say, and the Pandalympics are no exception.  Here we have the latest Olympic sport for the Panda Kindergarten!

hey, are dere any more cuppycakes?

hey, are dere any more cuppycakes?

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The panda Chronicles supports Pandas International

It’s just like the panda says! Buy my book and real pandas benefit!

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The Winter Olympics start next week…

…at the Panda Chronicles.  I know in the “real world” they start today, but what with the panda kindergarten threatening cuppycake mayhem, we just haven’t gotten to our Winter Olympic cartoons yet this year. Just so you can get into the Olympic swing of things, here are some of my favorites from the last Winter Olympics that the pandas participated in….

Pandas using performance enhancing substances? Say it isn't so!

Pandas using performance enhancing substances? Say it isn’t so!

'and for the record, it's just "giant slalom." It's not just for pandas.'

‘and for the record, it’s just “giant slalom.” It’s not just for pandas.’

and who could forget Babette's exciting trip to Rockefeller plaza Ice Rink?

and who could forget Babette’s exciting trip to Rockefeller plaza Ice Rink, as she practiced for the figure skating event? Big pandy thanks to her friend Frances A. who escorted her around NYC!

Ice dancing, the really, really really big ski jump, hurling…oh wait…isn’t that “curling”? all these events will be coming to YOU in the next several weeks!  Stay tuned to the Panda Channel!

Don’t forget that all this month we will be donating $1 to Pandas International for each one of my Panda Chronicles books that sell this month.  Book 4 is coming soon too!

Be the Bear!
Bob T. Panda