Pandas say remember to VOTE!!!

This week we continue to wait to hear about the gender of our nation’s newest baby panda (XT4: dat mee!) AND for the 1ST “presidential” debate. Well, it will be “presidential” on one side and PRESIDENTIAL on the other.

So it seems like a good subject for today’s ‘toon encore presentation roundup should be…

The Panda Debates!!!

But first this!

Well, it is kind of funny, isn’t it?

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

“You are all Losers!” – Mittens the Cat

Pinky is beginning to look positively presidential!

“This is not a loser tail!!!!!”

If only it was this easy…


cat came back

Is it just my imagination or does Mittens look even more crazed than before?

what do you have to lose?

Mittens is really back.

Pinky had some great ideas in 2016 on cubpaigning!

Pinky, please do not get your brother all wound up!

It’s not a party till the pandas start a brawl!

Pinky enlists her brother's help in her scheme

“Just run along and put these brochures where people will see them!”

You knew Mommee was going to get angry, didn’t you?

Remember how bad you felt when Mittens won in 2016? Well, that will be nothing compared to how bad you’ll feel on November 4th if he wins again. VOTE EARLY IF YOU CAN, BUT VOTE!!!!

You don’t want to live through this again:

day after

Remember the song “The Eve of Destruction”? That’s what today feels like.

Be the Bear
Bob T Are-you-registered-to-vote Panda

10 thoughts on “Pandas say remember to VOTE!!!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Huzzah! I get mine in about 2 weeks. I plan to vote ASAP and put in out county’s ballot drop box.
      Meanwhile, waiting for the gender reveal party for XT4! I need to know what their outfit will be!

  1. billieandhersite

    Such good news about Trump’s taxes. I love all the stories. When I think of all the taxes I’ve paid and that Orange Freak paid only $1500 in two years, I want to bite someone.

    As for theSweetums, Dumpling, TM4, or MT4, s(he) reminds me of Bao Bao, but such a big
    Baby Bear! Bao Bao was not as large, I do not think.. Bei Bei was a big boy. I know you are intrigued on how to dress s(he). But I will be happy to have another sweet bear to follow whatever gender.

    I am worried about the Affordable Care Act and the new nominee to the SC. You would think that she would have enough of that self effacing, religious belief to turn down the nomination, but then Trump might get someone worse in.

    I have never figured out how justices today can know what was in the minds of the Founders to know how those thoughts could apply today. I have always been a pragmatist on the interpretation of the Constitution. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., said “The Life of law is experience.” And our experiences are different than the ones encountered two hundred years ago. Precedent and tradition play a large part in the interpreting the Constitution. Then there is Trump. He is ignorant of American History, precedent, tradition and every thing else!

    Glad you are ready to vote! Me, too.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      For so many reasons I hoped that RBG would hold on just a little bit longer. She never got to retire and spend more time with her grandchildren, who she dearly loved. So many people cared so deeply for her. I keep hoping that Coney Barrett won’t be as bad as I am afraid she is, but I hoped the same thing about DJT and look how that turned out. Am I a billionaire because I’ve paid more taxes than him? Ha ha no!
      The Affordable Care Act made such a major difference to my life. For the previous 10 or 12 years before it came into effect, every year I would get a letter from my insurance company about how my current plan was being discontinued, but I will be switched to this NEW plan, which had higher premiums, higher deductible, and lower benefits. I was at a point that, as a self employed artist, that I would not be able to afford premiums any more, and there were more than a dozen years before I would be eligible for Medicare. It literally kept me from either being uninsured or losing my house.
      At a time when people are losing their jobs, their homes, and way too many their lives, to rip away health care, instead of expanding access affordably, is unconscionable. I’m afraid that this will happen under DJT.
      But I just saw a post saying that already over 860,000 people have voted early, in contrast to 10,000 at this point in. 2016. We need to keep it up! And then stand firm against the onslaught of cheating tactics from DJT that are sure to come.

      1. billieandhersite

        Getting ready to vote on Wednesday with two of my friends! That’s 3 more votes for Biden from Virginia!
        The Affordable Care Act, I think, is one of the best ideas to come down the pike. I support it fully and hope that the Supreme Court will not get rid of it. Since the time of Teddy Roosevelt, Truman in 1948 along with Hubert Humphrey, health care for all is a promise made and a promise to be kept. I am so glad it has helped you.
        You stay safe, be safe, keep felting, keep sending out statements of hope in your toons as well as laughter for us all.
        You are the Bear!
        By the way, Snookums is a loud, fussy little sweet bear. Mommee Mei may be thinking that it is going to be a long 18 months. I love that toon where she thinks this about Bao Bao aka Princess Pinky!

        1. Panda in Chief Post author

          While any variety of panda will be well loved by all, including me, I am still hoping for another princess. Bubba is kind of a Mommee’s boy, while I think she misses the “challenge” of an independent princess like Pinky!
          Huzzah for votes 4 Biden from VA! It will will give me even more pleasure to vote than it usually does.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I LOVE the one where Bubba offers Mommee a bootini! He looks so earnest as he does it. Also the cookies! 🙄🤣


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