Never Fear, The Pandas Will Be Here

I bet everyone (in panda fandom) is having a day like I am. It’s like the day after you get dumped. You wake up, slowly open your eyes, then think, “why should I get out of bed….ever.”

But of course you have to get out of bed. You need to go to the bathroom. You need coffee. Your mouth feels like a truck with a bad exhaust problem drove through your mouth and parked there with the engine running for 5 hours.

You think…”pandas might be gone, but I still have The Panda Chronicles, right?…RIGHT????”

Why yes you do.

I mean…Pinky still has to run for president next year right? And those cuppycakes aren’t going to eat themselves. There may be a slight disturbance in the force, and we may have to briefly dip into reality (No! Say it isn’t so!) before we go on our merry way, ignoring reality and keeping all the pandas (and other bears) right where they belong.

Here, in Pandyland.

Panda on,
Bob T be nice to yourself today Panda

PS: Also the Democrats kicked the GQP’s butts in Tuesday’s elections, so there is that too.

10 thoughts on “Never Fear, The Pandas Will Be Here

  1. Melissa Fisher

    Love that they are staying, but of course they are, after all, Pinkie and the lot are “here” anyway! Hugs to u

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      After all of Pinky’s renovations to the panda house, there was no way she was planning on leaving!

  2. Shelly

    Well I did get out of bed this morning–to make sure the plane landed safely in China. Reality is too much with me. *Sob*

    TGFTPC–Thank Goodness for The Panda Chronicles. Surprisingly in the toon it’s Mei, not the kids-that-will-never-grow-up (and thank goodness for THAT!), that brings the most comfort.

    Maybe I can imagine her bringing me a cup of cocoa with little marshymallows. Reality is very overrated.

  3. Betsey Doyle

    It makes me so happy to know that we still have Pinky, Bubba and Bikki (who I renamed Squeegee) now that we’ve lost our beloved real pandas.
    Another positive thing is that the GQP’s are looking to be on the downside, finally!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      We must have our pandas! I didn’t spend all these years developing their characters to have them go away. Glad to have you in the Pandasphere!

  4. Anne Brennan

    Good news on the political front but I will miss live shots of our favorite bears. Sob. But lets not forget all the bears (Ok, mwell maybe 3) stealing food lately. We still have them.

  5. Patricia Knipe

    I have to admit I was hoping the Panda Fedex plane would get hijacked in Alaska just for a little while since it was still in America. I came to my senses and accepted reality and the depression that goes with it. Without the Panda Chronicles we would be a sad lot indeed.


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