Honey, Can we Remodel?

Several people wondered where Pookie was going to stay if he moved into the Panda House, so I thought a little floor plan was in order.

My understanding was that they did a major renovation when Frank and Mikey moved in, and built the second floor over part of the main panda hose. Prior to that, what is now Mei’s Office/study, part of it was Pinky’s room and part was Bubba and Ping’s room, and Tian’s Bear cave was the baby’s room. Pinky appreciates having a much bigger room, of course!

Adding the second floor “kid’s suite” allowed them to give the kids a separate space with a dedicated computer room and their own little bear’s room.

Keep in mind I am not an architect if things don’t line up exactly.

Seems like they have plenty of space as long as no one else show’s up to stay. (Pinky doesn’t share)

Be the bear!
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2 thoughts on “Honey, Can we Remodel?

  1. Sue Coad

    I think u r committing an error by not encouraging Papa T to add another floor to the panda house !! That could be Pinky’s penthouse with a nice big pool so she can relax & swim & sun herself while pondering her next cub-paign & while sitting in one of her lounge chairs she can also look out over her domain…uh, I mean the zoo grounds !!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Ha ha! I will pass along your suggestion! He probably wants to let his Panda Express card cool off a bit before he adds any more square footage. There is also the danger that Lun Lun will see the opportunity and send Six and Sebben up to stay in Pinky’s old room!


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