Fabulous Furry Friday celebrates the return of the NZ Panda cam!

Woo hoo! Okay, there a few other elements to the government shutdown that were really bad for the national and world economies, but shutting down the National Zoo panda cam was the final straw.  Princess Pinky must be able to address her people, people!

So, in celebration of full access to all pandas everywhere, we bring you several of our all time favorite panda ‘toons for your quick while the boss is out of the office Friday entertainment.

inside Bob's Brain

What’s that stuff getting all over my paws? Oh…it’s frosting!

The panda kindergarten in las vegas hotel room

What happens in the panda kindergarten, STAYS in the panda kindergarten

Inspector Panda, Bob T. Panda

..in which we introduce Inspector Panda….

inspector panda and cuppycake pushers

Inspector Panda says, “Know the signs of cuppycake dependency”

Well, that’s it for this week! Be sure to tune in next week when Princess Pinky returns and we continue with Mr. Wu’s adventure!  And remember, buying my books supports the Institute for Contemporary Panda Satire, which draws and publishes these cartoons for everyone’s enjoyment of this blog! (kinda like National Panda Radio, you know?)

Have a great weekend! Be the Bear.

Bob T. Panda







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