Mr. Wu continues his adventure in the mysterious land of….

…well, we don’t actually know where this land is, but it sure isn’t Pandiego, or even Kansas, for that matter.   From Mr Wu’s former black and white world, he enters a land of…well, it’s still glorious black and white, but if I ever had the time to do it as a full color picture book, this is when we would shift to glorious color!

There are some folks in this strange new world that Mr Wu will meet that remind him of those he knows back in the real world, including some that he considers interlopers into his world domination of cuteness. Sigh.  Are even our dreams and fantasies subject to all those annoying elements of our life that we would like to escape?

Apparently so….

Mr Wu landas in the cuppycake region of pandyland in this episode of his new adventure

Don’t I know you from somewhere?

Aren’t you glad we’ve returned to Mr Wu’s adventure? (although we can’t exactly promise that we won’t comment on current events…in fact there could be some similar events taking place in the land of Wu….)

Meanwhile, we seem to have resolved our technical difficulties of Monday. It seems I used a picture with the wrong 3 letters at the end.  Sigh. That’s what happens when you are a bear on the run. I’ll try to pay more attention!

Be the Bear

Bob T. Panda

PS: I’m devastated to say that I was not selected to win the all expenses paid trip to Atlanta to be present at the naming ceremony of the Atlanta Twin pandas.  I guess that makes it okay for me to continue to call them Bert and Ernie.

4 thoughts on “Mr. Wu continues his adventure in the mysterious land of….

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Me too! also lovely when I don’t get all kerfuffled by technological incompetence.
      Thank you!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Princess Pinky is absolutely destined for greatness. I expect she will have much to say, much to Mr Wu’s dismay. It’s just possible that one of the lessons he will learn in his latest adventure is to embrace his newest American panda cousins, instead of being mad that they are taking attention away from him.


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