De-liver De Letter!

Uh oh! It’s another one of those angry, political posts! But what is a bear to do? Make felty pandas, I guess! And write angry ‘toons!


Is it any wonder why Bob is going postal?

sigh.. be the bear

stay safe everyone as fires rage in the west, hurricanes in the south and east, and the maniac in the WH
Bob T Panda

PS: if you are looking for a good, fun read, I just started Christopher Buckley’s Make Russia Great Again. Yes, you read that right. Satire about our current dilemma makes the world go round!

4 thoughts on “De-liver De Letter!

  1. billieandhersite

    How about the Woodward book?
    He is such a liar. And because of his lying, people have died. God help him. I cannot.
    I want more felties, but I must take care of my eyes! The new feltiies are just wonderful!
    Love the Frank and Mikey bears! The pumpkins, witches, the accoutrements collection, etc.!
    Stay safe!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      It’s almost if he doesn’t care that we know all the bad stuff he has done/is doing anymore. That does not give me comfort. You must take care of your eye! How will you watch or newest baby panda grow up, otherwise? The felties will always be here when you’re ready.


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