Day 30: 31 Days of Pandas

Day 30????? Do you know what that means? There is only One. More. Day. of 31 Days of Pandas!!!!

How could it come to such an abrupt, bitter end? Where will we find the pandas we need and crave??? Um..Hey! it’s not like I’m going anywhere! Panda satire will be right here where you left it! Of course you could have your own 31 days of Pandas, or even 131 days of pandas if you had all of the Panda Chronicles books in your home library!!

Meanwhile, we intercepted several communiques from the inbox of Princess Pinky, who is hard at work (really? No, just kidding!) on her latest literary triumph, The Panda Chronicles Book 8: The Pinky Defense. We think it bears (!) careful study!

Dere Unka Jeroen

I should be listed in ebbry category. See dat dis doesn’t happen again.

Princess Pinky Bao Bao
Dujiangyan, China
Vote early, vote often, vote PINKY!!!!
Sent from my MePhone, the choice of pandas everywhere.

To which she received this reply:

Dear Princess Pinky!
I hope the panda chronicles will ask all your fans to vote a lot for you!
Good luck!
Kind regards,

Jeroen Jacobs
Giant Panda Global

Sounds mighty suspicious, if you ask me! But now, let’s read some ‘toons! And because I love you, here is the ENTIRE story of Pinky, Bubba, and the Canadian Twins!

Bubba: but why should I be in trubble?

I’ll talk! I’ll talk!

Pinky and the Twinkies, eh?

“If Pinky is grounded, can I have her dessert?”

uh oh…

Um…I think Pinky has Daddee wrapped around her fuzzy little paw. Just saying.

Ooooh! Did Daddee actually yell at Pinky?

What do you mean you left a note saying they are at my house?

Bubba is having so much fun with his new friends!

Hey! Where did Bubba and Mr. Bun go?

There may be political concussions!

See you in January back on our regular schedule, new ‘toons on Sunday and Wednesday, and encore presentations on Fake Facts Friday. You like it? I invented all those words!


Panda On
Bob T Panda

8 thoughts on “Day 30: 31 Days of Pandas

  1. Vicky V

    I hate to think how hard Pinky would hit you on the head with a vote for Pinky sign! You’d be suffering “litical concussions” for a quite a while!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I really love the ‘toon where he is running through the house with them, with Pinky chasing them to get Mr. Bun back. I’m sure he has made several trips to see them since then.

  2. billieandhersite

    Do ‘litical’ concussions involve seeing stars? I wish Pinky had won.
    Thank you for your cleverness, your wit, your wisdom, and your sense of humor!
    Happy New Year! Stay strong.
    I keep thinking this is a nightmare, and I will wake up; and Hillary is President.
    Resist. Just ordered a pink pussy hat.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Yes, ‘litical concussions definitely involve seeing stars.
      Thank you so much for your friendship, your support, and for your embrace of panda satire. I think we would all be insane by now, were it not for the support of those who refuse to believe that NMP is the leader of this great (already great, thank you very much) nation.
      Thank you for resisting!

  3. Mary Leilani Mulqueen

    Ditto to all the above compliments from all the others. You certainly have helped me stay somewhat sane for the past year.

    I love those darling traveling outfits for the little Canadian cubs. May we see more of them please. (Unka Justin sure is cute too!)

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Thank you for being a long time supporter of panda satire. If somewhat sane is the best we can get, I’ll take it.
      Hopefully the Canadian twinkies will be back again. We may need asylum from ‘litical concussions.


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