Day 31: 31 Days of Pandas & The Final Chapter of…

101 Bebe Panda-Nations!!!!

Did you ever think we’d get to the end of 31 Days of Pandas, let alone the end of this year? Not to flog an orange horse (because we don’t believe in hitting things) but I think the turn of the new year will not bring us any immediate release from the toxic cloud we are living under. To those that are resisting the evil that is afoot, stay strong. Take care of yourself; keep fighting for fairness, kindness, support of the planet, and all those who exist on it.

Keep being the bears! (And keep reading panda satire!!!!)

And now, the final episode of 101 Bebe Panda-Nations!

Happy New Year’s Eve and a (Im)peachy New Year!

Hope you get to party like it’s 1999! (With the panda kindergarten!)
Panda On!
Bob T Panda

8 thoughts on “Day 31: 31 Days of Pandas & The Final Chapter of…

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I am going to try very hard to be a brave panda this year. Thanks for joining me and thanks for your support of panda satire!
      Panda ON!!!!!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I have to admit, Pinky DID save all the other baby pandas. So, that is probably why Mommee only grounded her for a year, instead of the rest of her life. I’m not sure if Bubba was grounded or not. He did make sure that Six and Sebben, Ping, and Bebe Maurice stayed together, so it could have been a whole lot worse.
      Meanwhile, it’s almost time for the Pandalympic Games!

      1. Gina Koo

        I sure hope Mei doesn’t ground Bubba. If he hadn’t been there, Six, Sebben, Ping, and Bebe Maurice would’ve been all scattered among the other babies and very scared, especially Ping because he doesn’t understand English. He looks to Bubba like a big brother.

        1. Panda in Chief Post author

          I’m pretty sure that’s how he presented it to Mei. She is mulling it over tonight with a few Bootinis.


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