California Dreaming!

The newest residents of Panda Canyon have gotten their golden tickets to their new home! We don’t know exactly when they will arrive, but reports are for sometime this summer. Like the Three Chipmunks sang, “Wee can hardly stand the wait…

The San Diego Panda Dynasty continues!

Of course ZooNooZ scored the first interview!

For explanations about Yun Chuan’s vocal stylings, and reports on Xin Bao’s witticisms, do visit the San Diego Zoo’s write up of the new cubbies!

Be the Bear
Bob T I’m excited! Are you? Panda

8 thoughts on “California Dreaming!

  1. Teresa Orozco

    I really like seeing pandas with sunglasses. They look so so so good on them!!!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      She is a stylish little panda! And pandas do look good in sunglasses. Lun Lun has worn them for years!

  2. Margaret gruen

    So I looked HIGH and low as to examples of xio bat’s witticisms and I couldn’t find any examples. Please elucidate for me!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      It was noted in the write up that the Pandiego Zoo sent out that Yun Chuan likes to hum, and that (among other things) Xin Bao is “witty”. They did not give any examples of her witticisms, but you can be sure we will be watching her closely, and will report her witty stylings here in the Panda Chronicles. Stay ‘tooned!

  3. Jeannie Meyer

    I found the latest San Diego zoo update and I see what you mean. Hopefully Yun’s musicality is a match for Xin’s wit! Maybe he can write her a love song.


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