Tuesday Tales is back with Pandarella Episode 7!

There is so much going on right now that I decided I will have the ongoing saga of Pandarella new episodes on Tuesdays, so I can devote the other ‘toon of the week to all the various goings on in the world. I think we have secured an interview with the new not yet arrived residents of Pandiego for this Thursday, and we are working on getting interviews with the North Cascade Zebra, Frank and Mikey’s interviews with the new grizzly bears coming to the North Cascades, and an irate duck who thought that the Woodland Park Zoo was supposed to be a safe haven for ALL animals, not just bears!

So now, let’s get back to our story!

Those evil stepsisters seem somewhat familiar!

Be the Bear!
Bob T it’s only going to get worse Panda

8 thoughts on “Tuesday Tales is back with Pandarella Episode 7!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Six: wee been waiting for a good role in one of dese productions!
      Sebben: yeah! somefing wee can sink our teefs into!
      Bikkie: um…no biting, ‘kay?
      Babette: now children! run along and play!
      Six: dis time pinky didn’t get da good part!
      Sebben: hee hee!

  1. Jeannie Meyer

    It was Babette! I wondered if it would be. I appreciate Cynthia’s comment. As long as I see this as an issue off Broadway production I may survive.

  2. June H.

    Throwing the flowers away 😳😳😳 — that was just mean! Bikkie is going to have to toughen up fast! (P.S. “ What a dump “ made me laugh outloud!)

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Six is a big Bette Davis fan. Or was that Talulah Bankhead?Also, she is very mean.

  3. Jeannie Meyer

    I think Bikkie and Sebben (who is sweet) should sneak off and live in the woods with Pookie. Maybe the Fairy Pandamommy can make that happen???🥹


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