Whew! Peel me off the ceiling!

Let’s start today’s post with a rousing cheer for all of you who supported me in my Kickstarter campaign to make the FIRST Panda Chronicles collector series pin!

Huzzah!!!!!! But now, let’s check in on the newest RED Panda babies at the Woodland Park Zoo…

Wee are pandas too!!!!

And now…Some final thoughts on my pin project…

I’m very excited that we had such a huge success, and reached the minimum amount needed to do the project, (on the FIRST DAY!!!), with a couple of add ons, to make them even more pandarific!: A printed card on which the pins will be mounted on AND, a stamp will be made for the back, that I can continue to use as I do more pins from this same manufacturer.

You might wonder why I choose the Kickstarter platform to do my projects and the main reason is this: I am a one person operation, with all sorts of plates and balls (and sometimes roaring chainsaws) in the air at the same time. The thing I love to do most is to make art and write and draw pandas (and engage in a liddle panda improv on twidder and fezbook) Soooo, if I can condense the ordering and fulfillment time into a short, finite period, it means I can spend most of my time making art, and a shorter, more focused time getting it to you.

This is also why coming up with an assortment of products (tee-shirts! Pillows! Jewelry! Phone covers!) doesn’t work very well in a one person shop. Turning my studio into a warehouse of products takes space and time, not to mention the product development and fulfillment research time. (Not to mention money.) One of my goals for this year is to develop my Redbubble shop so that those more varied products ARE available, but I won’t have to make, store, or ship them.

I like using Kickstarter to develop ideas that don’t exist in the instant order world of places like Cafe Press and Red Bubble. It allows me to design (fun!!!) and have someone produce the pins, and know that I have enough interest to make the project viable.

I’m really excited to get these pins in your hands. I’m hoping to design a new pin about every two months and I hope you’ll like the first ones enough to collect the whole set! Your enthusiastic response allows me to get some extra pins, so that a couple times a year, I can have special pin set sales (once there are enough pins to make sets!) and as new followers jump on the panda train, I’ll have previously made pins so that people can have all of them, at least till they’re all gone!

Thank all of you who supported this project, once again! I hope you’ll let me know who YOU think should have the honor of being on the next pin!

Thanks for Being the Bears,
Bob T Panda

Pinky pin! #ClapLouder


10 thoughts on “Whew! Peel me off the ceiling!

  1. billieandhersite

    BUBBA should be the next pin! Then Mommee and Daddee together.
    Then Bebe Maurice as the Knave of Hearts ( for Valentine’s Day next year!), Mehitibel and Bob T Panda with little microphones!
    So happy for you! Huzzah!
    Eyes are medicated.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I do think Bubba will be the next pin, but Bebe Maurice might have to wait until Wu gets to have his pin.

      1. billieandhersite

        Of course! Sweet Mr. Wu! My ears and whiskers! What was I thinking? I love Mr. Wu!
        I love that little scene where someone tries to take his ball from him, and you just know that he will defend his ball! Sweet little paws go into protection mode!
        You are so clever and so beautifully talented! Thank you for being you!
        I need this in Virginia right now—can you believe people who are supposed to have good sense are so stupid. I wrote up Aunt Billie’s Cardinal Rules, one of which was: if thinking of doing something that will come back to bite you in the ass: Just don’t!
        Time for meds!

        1. Panda in Chief Post author

          I hate to admit this in front of my friends and fans, but I’m pretty sure I’ve done and said some things that would have butt biting potential should I ever run for office. None as bad as what these so called Virginia Gentleman have done. But still. I despair of our country ever getting back on solid ground again.
          Hope you are enjoying your evening. Can ew send you some snow for the pandas? Really. You can have all of it!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Of course they would!
      Pinky: wait your turn, you little raccoons!
      Zuzu: wee is too pannas!
      Illy: yeh! my zizzy says wee pannas so wee pannas!


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