What could be more fabulous …

…than the panda season of LOVE!!!!!? I know these are hard times: Bao Bao has gone to China, as have the Meihems; Bei Bei no longer gets to romp and roll with his mama. And you know who is in the White House. But wait! There is hope! Mei and Tian may yet do the Pandy Tango, and then we may get a bouncing baby panda or two. Wouldn’t that be fabulous in the extreme?

And not only is it the beginning of the Panda Season of LOOOOOOVE, we have a new book out! Now! It’s here!

The seventh book of The Panda Chronicles Series: don’t call mee boo boo!

So, while you are logging in to your Pandazon account, here are some ‘toons celebrating the upcoming panda season of love!

I hope people haven’t had enough of silly love songs!

it’s the panda, the panda season of love!

The Scottish pandas have had a few disappointments…

I am only making some of this up. copyright 2012 -A. Belov

A panda by any other name, would smell…well, they would just smell…

The Panda Season of Loooooove does not always go smoothly, so panda nannies must be prepared for “Plan B

“It was dark….there were men in masks….”

Well, why are you just sitting there chortling to yourself? Go buy my book!

Panda On!
Bob T Panda

6 thoughts on “What could be more fabulous …

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I’ve always felt that having a clean house was vastly overrated. I hope you made the correct choice between reading panda satire and doing your chores.

      1. ZZ&Lou

        Well, it’s Sunday night, and the kitchen floor hasn’t been cleaned … Bubba flunked cake? (That’s one of my favorites). OK, I flunked kitchen. But what a great excuse!

        1. Panda in Chief Post author

          Wait…you’re supposed to CLEAN the kitchen FLOOR? Who knew! I have so seriously flunked all things “housework” it isn’t funny. Well, actually I think it’s kind of funny.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Two of my most favorite favorites! And Kitty /sue returns to today’s toon, plus…um…other surprises.


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