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Smile! You’re on Pandid Camera

Come on Bubba…won’t you give us a little smile? didn’t you know we were…um…watching you?

What's that blinking red light over there?

What’s that blinking red light over there?

As any of you who happen to be younger siblings know very well, that it is the time honored tradition, (or is that privilege?) for older siblings to torment younger siblings. Now, I was not watching pandas when Tai Shan was a mere cub, but I don’t think he would have put his little sister through the same things that Pinky has put Bubba through. That’s just my opinion and I have nothing to back this up. He did send her….ahem…some very nice presents.

We might say that as the middle child, Pinky has worked hard to distinguish herself. One could wish that she didn’t appear quite so gleeful when she gets Bubba all wound up. But what fun would that be?

Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda

Baby You Can Drive My Car….NOT

Recently, news came to us from the Atlanta Zoo that Po’s irresponsible big brother, Xi Lan wrecked Po’s cute little yellow car.  Through our clandestine spy network, we have acquired footage that reveals the true story of what happened to Po’s little car.  Viewer alert! This footage contains shocking revelations about what happens when pandas are allowed to drive cars!

We hope you will join us in decrying this shocking example of panda sibling rivalry.  Demand that driver education becomes a part of panda kindergarten curriculum.

Be the (careful) Bear

Bob T. Panda