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Fabulous Furry Friday Returns!

Yes, it is Fabulous Furry Friday once again! Huzzah! This week we look back on some of our favorite moment with the panda kindergarten.

Let’s start with one of the most important events in a young panda’s life, the Bear Mitzvah!

Today, you are a bear.

Today, you are a bear.

...if I were a panda, yadda dah dah da- da- da- AAARGH! I can't stop!!!!!

…if I were a panda, yadda dah dah da- da- da- AAARGH! I can’t stop!!!!!

And what would you get if you put an infinite number of pandas (highly unlikely, We ARE endangered, after all!) in a room with an infinite number of typewriters?

After all, the playings the thing....

After all, the playings the thing….

And what happens in the panda kindergarten, stays in the panda kindergarten….

The panda kindergarten in las vegas hotel room

What? Pandas are ALWAYS naked.

Bob, Bob, Bob...when will you ever learn?

Bob, Bob, Bob…when will you ever learn?

Is it any wonder that Princess Pinky was a first round draft pick for the panda kindergarten?

Bao bao changes panda cub gender

Pinky is VERY powerful. Be afraid, be very afraid, Mr Wu.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend, and remember, it’s never too late to have some cake! And…um… you could read ALL of these cartoons, any time you wanted to, by buying all of the Panda Chronicles Books! Book 6 coming soon! Just Sayin.’

Be the Bear,
Bob T. Panda

OMG it’s Fabulous Furry Friday

Well, here it is, Friday at last and I completely forgot to have something ready to speed you to your weekend, with dreams of pandas dancing in your brain.  What was I thinking?  To be honest, the cold that wouldn’t die is still making my head a little fuzzier than usual, but fortunately, there are many pandas in reserve!

But I do like the Friday pandas to be relevant, so today I give you the prologue to the Shakesbear pandas, as I am getting ready (finally!) to start working on some of the Shakespeare for Pandas plays that my brother wrote last year as part of a 31 plays in 31 days project.

Shakespeare is currently on my mind, because Whidbey Island’s very own Island Shakespeare Company is getting ready to launch a very exciting project.  Stay tuned for news of this exciting development!

After all, the playings the thing....

After all, the playings the thing….

The panda kindergarten will, of course, have a central role in the proceedings!

Have a wonderful weekend and Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda!

The world is now 31 plays, erm, richer?

Since I cannot do the linking thing (large hairy paws, and all) here is a re-blog of the post which tells about 31 plays inspired by the Scottish Panda Cartoon. Huzzah!

After all, the playings the thing….