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A Silver is the Same as “First Loser”

Fabulous Furry Friday takes a look back at last year’s Giant Panda Global Awards (or whatever the heck it’s called now. ) As you may or may not be aware, Pinky did not win either of her categories (Favorite Panda Outside of China or Panda Personality of the Year) Okay, there are a lot of really cool pandas who don’t live in China, but for Pinky NOT to get Panda Personality of the Year, that’s just wrong!!!! As for her Silver Medal in the FPOoC award, as Pinky says, getting first runner up is just like getting “First Loser”.

As we have not had time to work on cartoons celebrating this year’s awards, let’s look at the atrocities festivities from last year!

Introducing Princess Dumpling

Introducing Princess Dumpling

Wait a minute...triplets??????

Wait a minute…triplets??????

Don't tell me you're surprised.

Don’t tell me you’re surprised.

And now that Bubba has won Cubby of the Year….who knows what Pinky will do. There were rumors of Pinky sightings in New Hampshire last week, but just HOW is she getting away from the zoo with no one being the wiser? Tune in next week to find out!

And coming up on Sunday is a new Valentine’s Day cartoon, as we kick off the Panda Season of Love! And since the Australian pandas have their seasons reversed, we are not awaiting word as to whether the lovely Ms Fu Ni (Chinese for “Party Girl”) at the Adelaide Zoo is really pregnant or just prevaricating for pastries.

We also have several new panda centric cuppycake recipe over at They Draw and Cook; one for Valentines Day and on for Chinese New Year!

Till next time!
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