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Panda watchers around the US woke up to the NooZ that negotiations have been underway, agreements are being signed, permits are being applied for to BRING MORE PANDAS TO PANDIEGO!!!!! Before the end of this year!

We west coast folks have been having a real sad since early in 2019 when Bai Yun and the Very Wu Self left for China. Papa Gao Gao had left earlier in 2018. We were hoping that more pandas would be coming, but You Know Who had been messing things up with China since his reign of terror began and then the Covid pandemic arrived and we despaired of ever getting pandas on the west coast again.

To put an extra helping of frosting on the cupcake, part of the negotiations is to get one of Bai Yun’s descendants as the female half of the new panda pair. Bai Yun has a LOT of descendants. I need someone with better record keeping abilities than I have to inform me on just how many grand babies and great grand babies Bai Yun has, but there are a lot of them. Next to Pan Pan, Bai Yun could be one of the most consequential pandas to have participated in taking pandas off the extremely endangered list. If you have info to share with the panda fans here, feel free to chime in in the comments.

And now, our story (well, one of our stories) continues

I’m sure the new pandas at Pandiego will be way more better behaved than Pinky and Six and Sebben. Probably.

Be the bear,
Bob T pandas return to San Diego Panda