Pinky Unleashed!

What with all the pandemic news, did you forget that Pinky was running for PRESYDENT? While the pandas are locked down in the Panda House, they are keeping busy and enjoying hot cocoa with those little marshymallows…well, SOME pandas are…

If Pinky was any more unleashed, we would be in big trouble!

Is FEMA stealing marshymallows too?

Meanwhile, if you missed Sunday’s post and the video link sent by a friend of Panda Satire, check out how this tap dancing group, The Lady Hoofers in Philadelphia is keeping their taps tapping despite the stay at home orders! Pinky makes a surprise appearance at the 1:31 and 1:42 time stamp!

Pinky socks make dancing better!

Panda On!
Bob T Panda

What does your inner panda think?

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