If You Go Out in the Woods Today…

Yes, it’s everyone’s favorite grizzly bears, Frank and Mikey, with some timely advice about keeping a safe social distance even when you are out getting some fresh air! For those of us who have a little more outdoor space of our own, getting outside is much easier than those who live in more urban environments. I know a lot of people who live nearby to the Smithsonian National Zoo in DC (aka the Pinksonian) who use that as a place to get their daily outdoor exercise. But now that it is closed to the public, those folks will have to venture farther afield to get some fresh air.

Fortunately, Frank and Mikey have some EXCELLENT advice for hikers!

You can always count on Frank and Mikey for the best advice about bears!

A reminder: Picnic Time for Grizzly Bears is an excellent song to sing to time your hand washing!

Picnic time for grizzly bears,
The little grizzly bears are having a wonderful time today,
Catch those hikers unawares
As they have their hiking holiday!
Check their packs for cuppycakes,
if we have cuppycakes you’ll never have any cares!
We’ll lick the frosting off our paws as we go home to bed
Because we’re tired little grizzly bears!

Panda on!
Bob T Panda


4 thoughts on “If You Go Out in the Woods Today…

  1. Debbi Zolman

    I’m still giggling! I can’t get this song out of my head and it’s not a bad thing! Now I will need to listen to the many versions of the Teddy Bear’s Picnic!!!!


  2. bankypig

    I just LOVE Frank and Mikey! “um…it wasn’t us”…LOL! by the way, is there a particular tune we can use with these lyrics? I’ve been trying a couple in my head and haven’t found the right one yet.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Use the chorus to “Teddy Bear’s Picnic”

      And if you want the panda version:
      Picnic time for panda bears,
      the little panda bears
      are having a wonderful time today.
      We have frosting in our hair,
      And we don’t know how it got that way!
      Let’s have one more cuppycake,
      If we have cuppycakes we’ll never have any cares!
      We’ll look our frosting off our paws
      As we go home to bed
      because we’re full little panda bears!


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