Pinky Saves America…yet again!

Well, we really dodged a terrible disaster! Yesterday, Friday the 13th came on a MONDAY!!!!! Um…I never actually admitted that my sense of humor has ever risen beyond that of a 7th grader, so, ya know…whatebber!

Meanwhile, my tiny panda Kickstarter has been chugging right along! I started making needle felted pandas because I needed a hobby that was kind of stress reducing. So what did I do? I turned it into a major production. I guess that’s just the kind of bear I am! Fortunately, I love repetitive tasks, and if needle felting is anything, it has a lot of repetition. Also fortunately, I can imagine I am stabbing certain people who must not be named right through the heart! Fun for the whole family!

Meanwhile, Pinky has firmly embraced the whole podcast thing! Stay tuned for the next episode of…

Pinky Saves America (Pinky: do I has to do EBBRYFING?????)

Mommee Mei, in her wisdom, thought Pinky needed a co-host!

Panda on ebbryone!
Bob T Panda

4 thoughts on “Pinky Saves America…yet again!

  1. Teresa

    Oh, Bob T., when you say that you have turned sewing mini pandas into a big production … it came to my mind when Pinky had her liddle brother folding booklets, in her campaign ;-))
    #PinkyRules #AllboutPinkyAllDaTime #SheIsAIcon #Unresidabel

  2. Aimee W

    If only there was a felted version/depiction/rendition (?) of HWMNBN with accompanying pins… Of course voodoo dolls only work if there is something from the “victim” attached to them. I would never want to be that close to him in order to acquire such an object, but one can dream…


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