Will Democracy Collapse?

Geez…new s**t has come to light!!! Can you believe all the information that is hitting the ether? Thank goodness I have so many little pandas to felt! (you are not too late! Check it out HERE!)

Poor Bob is a bit stressed out though! Maybe he needs to take up needle felting too! Oh…wait…I am Bob. Bob is me. Where is Mehitabel? In Memorium: Mehitabel- 1996-2017


Sorry I’m “late”

Meanwhile, Mehitabel lives on in The Panda Chronicles

Reality is scary!!!

Panda on
Bob T Panda

New designs coming to Redbubble:



4 thoughts on “Will Democracy Collapse?

  1. Aimee W

    Government and environment were regularly misspelled by me for years. So I can commiserate with Bob. English is such a mishmash language. But I digress… Will Bee the Bear be on a cup? Please…

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I used to be good at spelling…now, not so much.
      And yes, Bee is now on a mug (among other things) I’ll see if I can get another design up this weekend. Meanwhile, I feel the impulse to go make more felty pandas!


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