Nixon’s Ghost Has a Few Thoughts

As I mentioned on Sunday, (did you read Sunday’s post? No? I’ll wait…) this April is the 50th anniversary of the arrival of pandas at the Smithsonian National Zoo. Long time panda fans remember the excitement of their arrival. And with the birth of Tai Shan to the second pair of pandas (also our current panda family) at the zoo, it seemed that the pinnacle of happiness had been reached!

And then in 2013 there was another arrival…

#ClapLouder for Pinky!

In 2015 bouncing big boy Bubba came along, and in 2020, one of the darkest years of the last several decades, our little miracle Bikkie arrived to cheer us all up!

Technical Trevails

I’m happy to report I finally got more ink cartridges for my printer. I never did figure out how to print with just the black and white ink when a color cartridge was empty. There are days when I really hate technology!

This means that little felted kitties will be headed out into the world this week! There are still 12 kitties remaining! Check out the Felties Revisited page for ordering information!

Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda

2 thoughts on “Nixon’s Ghost Has a Few Thoughts

  1. Nancy

    Hmm the first pandas arrived in the US in 1972. I was born later that year and, as an adult, became a panda fan. Coincidence?!?! I’m happy to celebrate my 50th with this important US anniversary.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Interesting historical panda fact: they were not the first pandas to arrive here, just the first that were officially given to the people of the US by China, and arriving at the smithsonian. The first panda was brought by Ruth Harkness around 1936-37. Whether you think she did a bad thing or a good thing aside, hers is a fascinating story. “The Lady and the Panda” by Vicki Constantine Croke chronicles her amazing journey from socialite fashion designer and wife of an explorer.
      Congratulations on your life coinciding with the arrival of the Nixon Pandas! I’m sure this is a significant fact, and destined you to become a panda fan. Curse or gift, who can say?


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