Look Out!!!!

So… when I work on my ‘toons, I pretty much schedule them in the order that I drew them, and if there is a time sensitive subject matter (like the ‘toon I’m going to run on Thursday), I try to draw them in that order. in my obsessive compulsive way, I even write the date and day on the page in my sketchbook where I write the ‘toons.

But this ‘toon cracks me up so much that I couldn’t wait for the whole two and a half weeks till its turn to run came up in the ‘toon schedule.

Because, when it comes to fierce animals, you don’t mess with grizzly bears!

Don’t (*snorf*) look like food!

And then there was the news that HWMNBN was going to get his way in regard to tanks in his military dictator parade. Oh….um…did I say that outloud? 


Do we HAVE to go?

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Panda On!
Bob T panda

8 thoughts on “Look Out!!!!

  1. Aimee W

    Frank and Mikey give sound advice. I would expand on that to “Stay out of our house or bring some food with you. It should be proper etiquette when visiting.” I never understood why humans think they have the right to go wherever they want and do whatever they want in the domain of other species.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Frank and Mikey are truly wise. And yes, if you are going to go visiting bears, you should bring food that is not you. It’s only good manners!


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