July is the birthday month for the Real Wu Self and the Meihems!

…and a bunch of other pandas besides!

And it’s Sunday Funday, once again unless of course you are one of the many people and animals that are traumatized by loud exploding things going off in your neighborhood. They never seemed to both Mehitabel all that much, but I hate them. Mostly I worry that a stray firework will set the tinder dry woods on fire. Why the rights of people to blow things up and terrify animals and people with PTSD is more more important than my right not to be terrorized by fire and noise, I’ll never know.

But let’s have some pandas, and maybe we can ignore everything beyond our (closed) windows! 

Should Pandas pay their own way?

Did I mention that we’ve launched project #3 in the Panda Pin Project? I DIDN’T???? Well then!

The Wu the Pirate patch! approx size 3.5″ tall Check it out here!

What makes a panda run? Cuppycakes, of course!!!!

what will the panda kindergarten do next?

Isn’t tomorrow Panada Day?

Oh Panada, Oh Panada, how tasty are your maple leaves….

Huzzah for Rumpy Dog!

And it’s almost time for the Tour d’ France!

Sometimes real life news stories make it Just. Too. Easy

Don’t forget to check out the Mr. Wu Pin Kickstarter Project!

Panda on!
Bob T Panda

2 thoughts on “July is the birthday month for the Real Wu Self and the Meihems!

  1. seaglostinthesouth

    I was so very sad when RumpyDog passed over the Rainbow 🌈 Bridge. I just love that you have a a great unintentional memorial for him. He was so cute as a tutor for the Pandy Kindergarten. And I have always loved the Panada Day feature. Off to practice my “panda on” skill set. Happy Sunday, Candy Gai.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      He was in a few other ‘toons with the Pandy Kindy. I’ll have to try to find them. My ‘toon organization skills have improved, so it is easier to find them, after 2015. I know that’s an early one. Happy Sunday (okay, now it’s Monday, but what ever!)


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