It’s National Donut Day!

And nothing goes better with donuts than…coffee! Specifically Pandabucks Coffee. But just because you make a good cup of coffee, it doesn’t mean we should vote for you for president, right?

More from the campaign trail!

Babette is going to have to do better than this if she wants the panda vote!

Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda

8 thoughts on “It’s National Donut Day!

  1. Aimee W

    Sigh. Why can’t all rich people be like David Rubenstein, or for that matter even Warren Buffett? Instead we have fools like Trump and Schultz.and Babette (sorry Babette). I hope you don’t take offense, but I truly hate starbucks coffee. I’m more of a medium roast person (more caffeine per cup). And the names and prices are ridiculous.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I need to come up with some names for Babette’s coffee sizes: Cubbie; Mucho Pandy; Double Extra Pandy? Yes, when I think of the robber barons of yore, funding art museums, libraries, and of course David Rubenstein and his panda funding. Bill gates has also funded research and worldwide initiatives to improve health in places that climate change is already having devastating effects.
      Meanwhile, Paul Manafort, who has stolen millions, is getting a minimal sentence for his crimes.

      1. Gina Koo

        How about “Itty Bitty” for a regular cup size, “Chubby Cubby” for the next size up, and “Extra Fluffy” for the largest size? 😂

  2. Aimee W

    LOL Cubbie, Mucho Pandy, Double Extra Pandy. And then there are all the silly additions _ caramel, soy, whippy cream…

  3. billieandhersite

    Paul Manafort got more jail time today which is a good thing. He is sorry only that he got caught.The state of New Ork is after him, too. The wheels of justice grind very slowly and very fine. And no Presidential pardon on state crimes.
    Hope all is well with you. Started prednisone regiment yesterday along with drug I have been
    taking. Some improvement after 1st prednisone tablets yesterday. Prednisone is truly wonderful, but with multiple side effects. My asthma is better!
    Thank goodness we grounded the Boeing plane! Lots of pressure, thank God, brought this about.
    Panda on, and Babette de Panda needs to be put under arrest with no grandes, or whatever.
    I have never had a Starbucks coffee. Not my scene.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Pinky has a similar attitude toward remorse. “I’m sorry I got caught” is not an actual apology. Time will tell whether Paulie Walnuts falls to more crime time.

      Glad you are feeling better and I hope the drugs continue to work. Getting old sucks, but I guess it’s better than the alternative.


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