It’s Fabulous Furry Friday with a NEW cartoon! (I can’t resist a good “scandal”)

One of the most fun things about panda satire is the ability to make fun of things that, quite frankly, aren’t very funny.  Also, you can “imply” things about non-panda related events by portraying it as pandas doing stuff. Just what am I implying here? I’m not telling!

Scandal in our nation’s capitol? I’m shocked!

"It was dark....there were men in masks...."

“It was dark….there were men in masks….”

Thanks for joining the pandas for launch week!  If you can’t access the createspace e-store, you can still find The Panda Chronicles Book 2: Wheel…of…Pandas! on Amazon!   Huzzah!  I think this discount code only works on createspace:


 Thanks for joining in the fun!  Stay tuned for news of a book signing/launch party at our beloved Langley bookstore, Moonraker Books.
Be the Bear!
Bob T. Panda

2 thoughts on “It’s Fabulous Furry Friday with a NEW cartoon! (I can’t resist a good “scandal”)

    1. Bob T Panda

      Yes, if you get a new little brother or sister, they will be born into scandal! what a great start to a cubbies life, born in the center of the world of scandal and intrigue! Huzzah!


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