If Only We Could Forget Reality

Wouldn’t it be nice to forget reality for even one day?

Well, what the heck do you think we were doing on Friday with all those ‘toons of adorable panda twins? I mean, while we were getting all schmoopy when we saw how nice the Meihems are to their little sisters, He Who Must Not Be Named was playing footsie with the head of N. Korea’s cyber warfare department. Probably showing him how clever all his passwords are and how easy it was to avoid the intelligence departments.

And I’m pretty sure he hasn’t forgotten about his military parade…


Do we HAVE to go?

Oh…don’t forget to watch out for those sinkholes…

Pandaing On (through the tears for our failing way of life)
Bob T Panda

7 thoughts on “If Only We Could Forget Reality

  1. Frances

    Don’t you think this is a job for the Pandy Kindy? Pretty sure they could find a way to create a little chaos along the way

  2. Gloria DeFalco

    I now have a new favorite quote: I REALLY WANT TO BITE SOMEONE! It kind of sums up how I’ve been feeling for almost two years now.
    Love the sink hole twist!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I know exactly what you mean. Hmm…yes, it does seem that my impulse to bite someone started about two years ago….

      1. billieandhersite

        Huzzah for the sinkhole! And it is on the White House lawn! With all the rain we are having in the DC area, there may be more! Go, Pinky! I want to bite someone, too. Have been bitey for going on two years, too. Remember to vote the bad people out of office. Dis. Will. Not. Stand.

  3. billieandhersite

    Love all the nostalgia and cute baby pandas, but do not despair. Remember to vote if you have a primary coming up in your state. Voting is a part of Pinky’s “Dis. Will. Not. Stand. Plan. It begins now. Vote Mittens’ cohorts out of office on every level. And it will be a long slog. Keep our spirits high with sweet fluffy pandas who have diabolical minds who keep plotting and planning. Yes, even Ping.


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