Here is a Handy Flow Chart to Rate Your Acceptance of The Big Lie

Hoo Boy, the hearings are must watch TV, if I do say so myself. New s**t is coming to life, floating like a little tu*d to the surface of the crystal blue swimming pool.

As I watched the hearings, I was struck once again by the realization that the damage from TFG’s Big Lie was magnified exponentially by all the people who know better either promoted the lie themselves, or did not squash it like a bug by not admitting it was a lie when they went on news shows or in interviews.

I was inspired to make an educational flow chart, for your edification:

Let this be a reminder that repeating something you either know is not true, or is something you are not sure of, but everyone else is saying it, is the surest way for us to fall into the hands of fascism. I am talking not only about the Big Lie, but also the idea that “the presidential party always loses the house/senate in the mid terms.” That is only true if we don’t vote.

Don’t let half truths and despair get the better of you.

Local elections and state elections matter too. The GOP is running people for Secretary of State and other positions that have authority over a state’s vote counting. Don’t let them win.

Panda On!
Bob T Panda

6 thoughts on “Here is a Handy Flow Chart to Rate Your Acceptance of The Big Lie

  1. Anne

    Hi Anne,
    My anxiety cup has runneth over. I don’t know how much more I can take. Our only way passed this is to VOTE!!! And vote BLUE. I can’t wrap my brain around how anyone could vote for someone who openly admits they will commit fraud to make sure their party wins. Are we so far down the rabbit hole that we can no longer see the light of day? I hope not.
    And for your viewing pleasure:
    “Must be a clone!” They just cant see through all of the lies.
    Bear on,

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I am angry, sad, and terrified in fairly equal parts. Thomas has already signaled his willingness to “resist” some of the other decisions that have given people the rights they should have had all along. Between the “not so supreme” court and the revelations in the hearings, I’m pretty wrung out. I get some small joy in imagining Jeffry Clarke on his front lawn in his footie PJ’s as the FBI conducts their search. He is a stooge, not a mastermind. Maybe he thought the mean popular kid wouldn’t pants him in the lunch line anymore if he helped with the mean kid’s evil plan to rule the country.


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