Fabulous Furry Friday Salutes…

…the panda kindergarten!

What could be better for this Friday the 13th than a look at the panda kindergarten, those rascally, recalcitrant, ruffians? They are the inspiration (well one of the inspirations, anyway,) for my newest book, Pandamorphosis!

2009 panda kindergarten class

The first appearance of the panda kindergarten, in much (MUCH) more innocent times…

And BTW, we’ve been making some guest appearances around the interwebs: hear just where all these pandas came from on Cordelia’s Mom, Still, and how Pandamorphosis finally got published on Cordelia Calls it Quits.  There will be some more guest appearances over the next couple weeks, which I will be sure to alert you to!

Meanwhile, back to the pandy kindy:

panda on rocking horse

wheel of pandas 1

The panda kindergarten’s hit game show, wheel…of…pandas!!!!!!

And of course, who could forget the panda kindergarten in their first appearance in the Panda Olympic Games?



Going for the ...um...chocolate chip.

Going for the …um…chocolate chip.

But the panda kindergarten may be best known for leading some of the newer and younger pandas astray…Sigh….I’m sure they are trying to be good…

"You are right and Wu is wrong...I'll never do it again, mommy."

“You are right and Wu is wrong…I’ll never do it again, mommy.”

And while we are thinking about Friday the 13th, (We were? Isn’t that kind of scary?) be sure to stop over to VSomethingSpeaks for this interesting look at the myths and mystery of Friday the 13th, which this very day is paired up with the full moon!

See you on Sunday for the exciting conclusion of “Pinky and the Meihems take a Hostage” (there is a panda scout merit badge for hostage taking, isn’t there?) and the return next Wednesday of Inspector Panda and the Case of the Picturesque Panda!

Keep Being the Bear!
Bob T. Panda


and yes, it’s now available on Amazon!

2 thoughts on “Fabulous Furry Friday Salutes…

  1. Vicky Vladic

    I love the marching cubbies in the first cartoon – and yes they were such innocent times 🙂
    Great blasts from the past.
    And thanks for plugging my blog – I hear the pandas are coming for a visit very soon!!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Hide the cuppycakes! the pandas are heading your way.
      I love how far the pandy kindy has come from the early innocent days.


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