Fabulous Furry Friday

…better late than never.

It is Fabulous Furry Friday once again, and it is time to dive into the archives to share some vintage panda satire with you, so that I send you smiling into your weekend.

As Bubba packs on the ounces, I am reminded of Pinky’s early days as a Panda Princess, quickly gaining the control of the previous class of the panda kindergarten…

Pinky tests her powers....

Pinky tests her powers….

But then she acquires some unusual powers for a panda…It appears that she had an elevated sense of self worth from a very early age….


Princess Pinky is drawing a line in the sandbox.

National Zoo cub makes mom Mei Xiang disappear


Princess Pinky is fooled by Mei Xiang at the National Zoo

Oh Princess Pinky, mom has a trick or two up her paw, I think…

Hmmm….I think perhaps Pinky has always felt she was born to rule….but meanwhile, in the panda kindergarten….

Cats are no match for pandas

What’s a cat to do? Pass the cake, please.

Ya’ll have a pandy weekend! Pass the cake, please.
Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda

8 thoughts on “Fabulous Furry Friday

  1. Ann Feldman

    I can’t WAIT to see what you are going to do with Bubba the Plump. Have you watched him eat? Worst table manners (er, lap manners) in panda-dom…noisily sucking and slurping, punctuated by squeals of impatience as if Mei’s milk isn’t flowing fast enough!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      My mind is reeling, and Bubba the round is rolling. Loving seeing him packing on the ounces! He is going to be quite the bear. An outfit has been starting to form in my mind. Stay tuned!

  2. Jeanie

    Love momma Mei’s lovey expressions for her precious new little one. Did Pinky try to make good on the binky bar fiasco by poofing the Meihems a new cam? And like a good presydential Pinky, not admitting nothing!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Pinky says she doesn’t know what you’re talking about. She did say that she was glad that “someone” arranged to the new Meihem panda cam, but she doesn’t know “who” was responsible. And of course she is still denying the binky bar fiasco.
      Vote for Bob! He hardly ever makes things up!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Thank you! It IS full of Pinky! I don’t know how she gets away with hogging the spotlight, but she does. Thanks for being such an enthusiastic supporter of panda satire.


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