Don’t Get Mad, Get Panda


You may remember a little incident earlier this year, when Pinky used her computer skills to close all the highways leading to Zoo Atlanta, and re-route them to the National Zoo in Washington DC? And it really messed up the Meihem twins’ (Bert and Ernie) Panda Scout cookie sale? And then Inspector Panda showed up and made things worse?

Well! As they say, revenge is a dish best served cold.

If you think that maybe elephants never forget, they have nothing on pandas.

If you think that maybe elephants never forget, they have nothing on pandas.

Pinky never should have messed with the Meihems! Tune in again tomorrow as we bring you more of the Best of Pinky to celebrate Princess Pinky Pandas birthday week!

And a note to my book buying fans, I just started work on organizing cartoons for the next Panda Chronicle book, Book 5: Pandapocalypse Now! which features Pinky and the Meihems! Huzzah! My cunning plan is to be done with all the work of formatting the book by mid September, which means it will be available for your holiday shopping.  Huzzah!

I also plan to get back on the newsletter routine, at which I have been woefully inadequate  these last few months, so if you are not already signed up, now is the time, because I will have some fun news to announce and I am going to do it there first!  So if you want to be able to say “nyah, nyah, I already knew all about that,” get yourself up to the top of the right hand column and sign yourself up where it says, “Get Even More Pandas” ‘Kay?

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4 thoughts on “Don’t Get Mad, Get Panda

  1. Ann feldman

    Well at least it wasn’t Congress this time! One suspects that the Mei Hems will be more likely to listen to reason, especially if it accompanies cuppy-cakes…

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I suspect the monster mommy will get the girls back into line quickly…if they want to get to go to Pinky’s party, that is!


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