Day 7, 31 Days of Pandas

31 Days of Pandas now continues with The Wizard of Wu!

We hope you have been enjoying this concentrated dose of pandy goodness. If you have been enjoying it, I hope you will share our stories with your friends. They might not know they are pandaholics (yet) but I believe that everyone with a sense of humor has the potential to embrace their inner panda.

And now, on with the show! On Saturday, We left Wu and his intrepid companions here:

the good witch saves Wu and Co.

Good witch Bee, the Bear, to the rescue!

Xiao Liwu gets a bath

Are you SURE you weren’t in an earlier scene?

Wizard of Oz spoof

But we’ve come such a long way already….Bwahahaha!

although I DID promise there would be NO flying monkeys…

the wicked witch unleashes the flying monkeys

Ride you pandas! Ride!

What could be scarier than the panda kindergarten on tricycles!?!

See you again tomorrow for Day 8 of 31 Days of Pandas and the next installment from our encore presentation of The Wizard of Wu!

Be the Bear,
Bob T Panda

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