Day 23: 31 Days of Pandas

Wowee! We are already up to day 23 of 31 Days of Pandas!

It’s really tempting to want to focus on the ‘toons of last year so that we can keep the pain and horror of the events of the last 12 months alive, but somehow, I need some kinder and gentler pandas today.

Well, until Monday when the cubbies sing their straight from the hip version of God Rest Ye Merry Gentle Bears for you all. 

I hope you enjoyed our encore production of It’s a Wunderful Life, starring the Wu Self and Bee, the bear, my favorite holiday classic! Tomorrow we return to 101 Bebe Panda-Nations for another episode!  Meanwhile, let’s spin the dial of the panda way-back machine and see what ‘toons pop up! Welcome to some new readers who found us by way of Twidder. We hope that they have a wonderful time rummaging through the archives and catching up with panda satire history!

Should Pandas pay their own way?


We should note that they really don’t let you do this anymore. I wonder why.

Inspired by my discovery of the San Diego Zoo website!

Keep being the bear! And tomorrow is Crispmoss Eve! Huzzah! let’s have cookies!!!

Panda On!
Bob T Panda

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